Circular Motion Vibrating Screens

Circular Motion Vibrating Screens

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Circular Motion Vibrating Screens:

Circular Motion Vibrating Screens that is offered by Ecoman is a free floating Vibrating Screen with two bearing which expeditiously screens all average level free flowing materials. The round throw action is deductible from imbalanced weights that are connected to the ends of the vibrator unit and conveys homogeneous vibrations to entire surfaces which screen and assures that the rate of the traveling of items over the screening surfaces stays stable. Adjustment of magnitude or degree of vibration can be attuned to match a duty change by removing or adding balance weight plates. Circular motion makes sure that there is rapid categorization at the end of the feed in order to produce a highly precise sized product in minimal time possible.

Sizes available: Widths ranging from: 600 mm to 2500 mm
  Lengths ranging from: 1500 mm to 8000 mm
Number of Decks: up to 4
Capacity (TPH): 1000