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Hammer Mill

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Hammer Mill

Hammer Mill is fabricated with high graded raw material to ensure high efficiency and smooth functionality. The range of hammer mill is well-known for the qualitative features of robust construction high output with low power consumption. Our range of hammer mills can be custom designed to suit the specific requirements of the clients. These are known for their precision designs which are offered at cost effective price. They are checked at various levels before the dispatch.


Ecoman's Hammer Mills are manufactured in three main series, namely.

  • 3000 Heavy            
  • 4000 Medium             
  • 1200 Light

Depending upon the size of feed & toughness of material, friability etc, A particular series-machine is selected.

  • 3000: Bigger feed size, tougher materials like limestone, Ironore, Dolomite.
  • 4000: Comparatively smaller feed size & softer material like soft limestone, chalk.Gypsum etc.
  • 1200: Small Feed size, for friable material like coal, coke, limestone etc.

Above, all Hammer mills are reversible & open bottom type, But we also manufacture Non-reversible, Hammer mills, type 2500.


When the feeding stock enters the beating circle of the rotor it is caught by the beater heads and hurled against the impact wall by a series of impacts in quick succession and thus coarse crushing is effected by the crushing effect of the impact,

The following secondary crushing is effected in the lower part between rotor and impacting area. The beater arms with replaceable beater heads are loosely suspended on the circumference of the rotor. When they have attained full peripheral speed they are in radial position,

Due to the flexible suspension of the beater arms the impact crusher is rather insensitive to the penetration of foreign material (like metals).

Working diameter and width of the rotor are determined according to the specific requirements.

The required grain size can be modified by co-ordinating and adjusting the grinding wall towards the beating circle of the rotor at inlet and outlet and the peripheral speed respectively.

Ease of maintenance:

The impact crusher housings are equipped with largely dimensioned inspection flaps allowing at any time a quick inspection of the impact crusher condition inside the machine.

The housing of the impact crusher is divided and can be opened hydraulically or mechanically by spindles on the left and right side of the rotor. Thus all wearing parts (beater heads, beater arms and components of the impact wall) become accessible and may be easily replaced.


The rotor is forged in one piece and bored in a special device to take up the beaters.

Smooth running is ensured by high-precision and perfection in machining and careful balancing of the beater arms, i.e. the beater arms facing each other must be of equal weight.

The beater arm is forged of high-quality steel, The beater head is made of chrom-molybdenum cast steel or compound cast steel,

It features high resistance to wear and can be utilized upto 60% Beater heads connected with the arms by bolts and safety*~springs flexibly and can thus be readily replaced,

Impact wall adjustment

The impact wall adjustment for wear compensation and final grain control may be provided ds the top and at the bottom individually. Adjustment may be effected mechanically by spindles or hydraulically by slave cylinders.

Impact Hammer Crusher opened hydraulically

The final product analysis of the crushed material can be altered by adjusting the distance between the rotating hammer heads and the impact walls. At the same time the adjustment serves for compensation of wear,

On the standard design the adjustment of the impact walls can be carried out while the machine is running by regulating screws on the housing cover, while the lower adjustment is effected by means of a ratchet via a worm gear,

If desired we can deliver the Impact Hammer Crusher with hydraulic adjustment as shown in the sketch.

The hydraulic design offers the following advantages concerning operation and maintenance ;

  • Hydraulic impact wall adjustment.

The grinding walls can be regulated or re-adjusted at the machine by means of control valves; alternatively adjustment can be made in stages from a control station, The actual positions are determined by additional pulsators and indicated by corresponding signal lamp.

  • Hydraulically hinged housings.

By this method the casing can be quickly opened. Thus the time for changing the spare parts or the completely equipped rotor will be considerably reduced compared to the standard design,