Reversible Hammer Mill

Reversible Hammer Mill

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Reversible Hammer Mill

Hammer mills are primarily used for intermediate and fine crushing of brittle materials such as limestone, coal etc. Hammers are mounted on the rotating shaft are either plain bars or typically hammer shaped bars. Reversible Hammer Mill crush the materials by collisions between high-speed hammer and the material. We manufacture different types of hammer mills that match with the expectations of our clients. Some of the different types of hammer mills that we create include light duty, medium duty, heavy duty reversible and non-reversible. Depending on the requirements we manufacture that particular type of hammer mills.

We use the latest technologies to craft hammer mills that can be of use to different applications. We provide solutions to some of the most demanding tasks through manufacturing Reversible Hammer Mill that are innovative in design and technologically advanced. Our range of mills is used in different types of applications relating to high capacities, standard particle size and power efficiency. Through the effective utilization of our mills, our clients would be able to enhance the throughput capacity of the mill without any kind of increase in power requirements. We cater to the requirements of both large as well as small companies.

We can also alter and customize our presently available range of hammer mills to suit the requirements of specialized applications such as laboratory mill, grain mill, flour mill, feed mill, spice and herb mills. Our hammer mills are designed to provide a higher level of adaptability to most of the different grinding functionalities through an easy and effective operational method. Our hammer mills are engineered in a way that they can even work exceptionally well with low power requirements. We ensure they are made from high quality grade materials such as cast iron or all-stainless steel construction so that they are simply apt for processing different types of materials.


  • Light Duty, Medium Duty, Heavy Duty Reversible, Non-reversible.

Range of Manufacture

  • Diameter from 600 mm to 2000 mm
  • Width from 400 mm to 3400mm
  • Open Bottom / Grate Bar